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Putting the real in REtAiL-Tech

The X5 Retail-Tech Challenge, is a unique event, hosted in collaboration between the X5 Retail Group, one of the top retail groups in the world, and the Israel-Russia Chamber of Commerce (IRCC), to bring Israeli technological innovation to the Russian retail market. This summer, Israeli retail-tech companies will be able to compete for the chance to become part of the X5 Group’s impressive retail strategy.

The X5 Group is one of the fastest growing retail groups in the world, with over 14,000 retail locations across Russia, over $24Bn in annual revenue, 4.6Bn annual customer visits and over 270,000 employees. It has shown impressive growth in recent years, consistently outperforming even the fast growing Russian retail market. At the core of this success is a holistic view of the customer experience, an omni-channel approach to retail and a commitment to technology for better efficiency and performance. The Group’s vision is to provide every customer, no matter where they live and regardless of income level, with the opportunity to shop in modern format stores, ensuring comfortable access to a wide range of high quality products.

Leave the slideware at home, this is for real

In light of its vision and ambitious growth plans, maintaining a technological advantage over its competitors is a key element in the X5 Group’s strategy. The Group invests significant efforts in identifying, testing and implementing new solutions that will lead to  improvements in such areas such as the Customer Value Proposition, the customer experience, operational efficiency and more. Thanks to this massive technology funnel, the X5 Groups retail chains boast an array of innovations that have boosted growth, performance and customer loyalty. With a number of strategic priorities in mind, they are looking for solutions that are ready to go.


Recognizing that Israel is a hotbed of innovation in key fields such as Big Data, AI, IoT and cyber-security, X5  partnered with the IRCC to identify promising retail-tech solutions in Israel that can support its strategic priorities as the group continues to grow and expand. The IRCC, combines a deep understanding of the Israeli tech industry with an intimate understanding of the Russian business environment and culture.

The X5 Retail-Tech Challenge will give Israeli companies a unique opportunity to win business with one of the most innovative retail groups in the world.